is here.
Pika is a new kind of package registry for the modern web.
100% ESM. Write once, run natively on every platform.
Sharing code shouldn't be hard.
Transpilers, bundlers, type declarations, export mapping, modern browser optimizations, legacy browser support, unnecessary file trimming...
Open source contributors have to put up with a lot of bullsh!t just to share their code with the world.
A new take on package management.
Pika handles formatting, configuring, building and publishing every package on the registry, so that individual authors don't have to.
A registry that understands your source code is able to perfectly-configure your package for you. Pika builds your package to run everywhere, and you spend less time messing with boilerplate tooling. Win win!
Universal JavaScript needs a universal editor.
For this new ecosystem to work, we needed a consistent, universal dev experience for every package on the registry. A universal package editor guarantees your package can't import or do anything Node.js specific that would require a bundler/tooling to use in the browser.
So we created Pika Code. Pika Code is a package code editor that gives you a hosted, easy-to-use, zero-config dev experience for every package on the registry. It takes care of all of your tooling for you, and connects directly with the registry for easy publishing.

Modern Browsers
Pika? NPM?
Why not both.
Every Pika package is automatically published to npm. Your users can install your latest releases from npm, or import them directly from our global registry CDN.
Our CDN lets you build powerful web apps without a bundler. Just load your dependencies directly in the browser using ESM JavaScript imports. Because everything on the registry supports ESM, there are no legacy dependencies to worry about. Our packages even run on Deno.
A more secure registry.
No matter how well you secure your own codebase, external dependencies pose a security threat to everyone.
Pika protects the safety of the entire ecosystem by controlling the publish step. Pika publishes each package directly from source, so malicious or hacked authors can't skip code review or sneak malicious code unnoticed into the registry.
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