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Pika Community is a free platform for growing open source communities. Answer questions and troubleshoot issues while keeping your repo's issue tracker squeaky clean.

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Discussions, not Issues

Say goodbye to messy issue trackers

Your Pika Community is a place for open-ended discussions. Bounce around feature requests, debug user issues, and leave your repo's official issue tracker for actual, verified issues.

Clean up your Issue tracker

Clean up your repos, automatically

Achieve an organized, 100% triaged GitHub issue tracker. Migrate everything else -- discussions, questions, feature requests, and unverified issues -- over to Pika with a single click.

It works the other way, too! Any bugs triaged and verified on Pika can be automatically spun-off into a clarified issue on GitHub, ready to be worked on.

A reproduction URL, every time

Reproduce every issue, immediately

Our discussion templates prompt users to include a reproduction URL when reporting an issue, right in the form.

Clean up your Issue tracker

Grow your knowledge base

Never answer the same question twice, with powerful searching that empowers your users to find answers. Rank feature requests to get a better understanding of what features your users are asking for.

Built right into the catalog
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Built right into the catalog

Pika is the home of modern JavaScript. Our catalog sees thousands of searches a day for different npm packages. Pika lets you build a community closer to your actual users.

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