This Code Editor
Will Save the Internet.
Say hello to the official code editor for the Pika Registry.
Build web-native packages without a single line of configuration.
Create new packages in seconds, using expert templates for your favorite frameworks.
Make changes to your package and get live feedback as you type. Powered by the VSCode editor engine with IntelliSense.
Run your tests automatically on every save, directly in the editor.
When you're ready, review your diff and commit your work back to source.
Pika Code is for more than just writing code. Keep track of any open pull requests and work-in-progress changes right in the editor.
Great tools, seamlessly integrated.
Never leave your editor. Pika Code is like having a dedicated team of experts to manage and maintain all of your build tooling for you. Get results on every change, right in the editor.
It's all set up for you, so there's nothing to configure.
Export Maps
Automatic Versioning
Automatic Publishing
Full-text Search
Live Playground / REPL
Edit any pull request, right in the browser
Fast code reviews are essential. With Pika Code your editor is never more than a click away. Edit any PR in the in-browser editor without juggling local branches or outdated npm installs.
Preview changes live, in-app.
Never mess with npm link again. As you develop, point your application to import from our CDN and test your packages live as you code. Just refresh the application to pull in the latest changes.
import MyComponent from '';
Develop on the go.
Pika Code is never far away, even on the go. Pika Code guarentees a fully featured, consistent environment across every device. Run it in the browser, or one of our native apps.
Powered by VSCode
Pika Code should feel familiar: it's powered by the same engine as VSCode and features IntelliSense code assistance.
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