CI/CD for npm packages on GitHub.

Catch common issues before they reach your users, with automated testing and Preview URLs for every pull request and every branch.

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"Before this I had to locally build and then link and ugh it was a mess... This is SO. MUCH. NICER."

Gregor Martynus, creator of Octokit.js

npm install

Publish to npm with confidence.

Pika CI/CD is the only automated CI tool that tests the fully built package of every pull request. That means no more missing dependencies or unexpected surprises when you go to publish your package.

Test any PR locally without building or linking.

Pika CI/CD builds every package pull request so that you can install them directly from our CDN. Or, if your package has a web-ready entrypoint, import any pull request directly in the browser.

Install your package from master, before you publish.

Pika CI/CD connects your repo to the Pika CDN, so that you and your users can install your package by both version and branch name! Never feel blocked waiting for a release again.

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