npm install 

Pika CI is a free GitHub integration for npm package authors. Get automated builds for every branch and every pull request. Install locally without building locally.

Add to GitHub - It's Free!

"Before this I had to locally build and then link and ugh it was a mess... This is SO. MUCH. NICER."

Gregor Martynus, creator of Octokit.js

npm install
or even...
import * as pkg from

Test the Real Thing

Pika CI packages your code before testing. It catches missing "dependencies", "files", and any unexpected surprises that would be missed by normal dev test runners.

Install any Pull Request

Install any in-flight PR immediately. No checking out forked code or manual building required! And if your package has a web-ready entrypoint, import it directly in the browser.

Install any Branch

Pika CI connects your repo directly to the Pika CDN, so that you and your users can install any active dev branch. No more "next" npm releases to juggle!

Did we mention it's free???