Since launching in June 2019, Pika CDN has served over 2 million packages across thousands of unique domains. Our CDN is the best on the planet for modern JS, letting you load any npm package directly in the browser via a standard ESM interface.

Skypack is our new name for the Pika CDN. It's the same great CDN made faster, more stable, and with a bunch of new improvements that weren't available in the original. Visit to learn more and get started.

Migrating to Skypack

Because Skypack is a drop in replacement for Pika CDN, migrating to Skypack was designed to be painless. Any Pika CDN URL will continue to work with Skypack. See Skypack documentation for more information on the API.

Deprecation Schedule

We understand the trust that you've put in us to host your application code. We will continue to operate Pika CDN indefinitely (following the deprecation schedule above) until all existing users have migrated and usage drops to near-zero.