What is Pika?

A project to move the JavaScript ecosystem forward.

71.757 ES modules on npm see more stats →
71.757 ES modules on npm see more stats →

ES module syntax (ESM) is JavaScript's native module system. Its import / export syntax is more compact, more easily analyzed and more reliably optimized. This all results in smaller, faster JavaScript on the web.

Unfortunately, most packages on npm are still published only as Common.js, using Node's native require() and module.exports syntax. Bundlers have a more difficult time analyzing & optimizing these modules, and they're more likely to be filled with slow transpiler bloat only needed by legacy versions of Node.js.

Pika's mission is to make modern JavaScript more accessible by making it easier to find, publish, install, and use modern packages on npm.

1. Find Modern Packages

www.pika.dev - Use the search bar at the top of the page to find fast, modern, native ESM packages that match your keywords. Your results will only include packages that are built with modern ESM syntax & include a defined "module" entry point in their package.json manifest.

2. Run Modern Packages

cdn.pika.dev - All indexed packages are also built for the Pika CDN. Any site is free to load packages directly from our CDN, with the additional benefits of optimized transpilation and caching.

3. Install Modern Packages

@pika/web - Install npm dependencies that run directly in the browser. Simple, fast, and HTTP/2 optimized. No Browserify, Webpack or import maps required.

4. Publish Modern Packages

@pika/pack - Create great npm packages. This developer tool uses simple, pre-configured build plugins to create your modern package. It even handles advanced package.json configuration for you.